Prabhas: Prabhas’ big decision.. Fans are in deep disappointment

By iittm Editor October 24, 2022 12:57 PM IST
Prabhas Birthday

Darling Prabhas means.. Darling is an extreme love for hardcore fans. Darlingkemo.. along with his fans.. love on his lips. But now the love triangle is making Prabhas fans very disappointed. S! Prabhas, who has completed 42 years and is entering the 43rd year, wanted to celebrate his birthday in a grand way, dear fans. As expected.. The arrangements for the through out Telugu States have been started in a very grand manner. Prabhas was also told the same thing. But recently, after the death of his great-grandfather Krishnamraj, Prabhas decided to stay away from his birthday celebrations. Not only did he decide.. he told his fans the same thing.. they decided not to celebrate his birthday. Prabhas fans are disappointed with this. And this matter has now become a hot topic all over. Making everyone support Prabhas.

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