Poorna is secretly having an affair with that person.. when her husband is not there..!

By iittm Editor August 22, 2023 10:14 AM IST

Heroine Poorna has gained good popularity by acting in films like Seematapakai, Yaa, Yaa-2 etc. Her real name is Shamna Qasim. After entering the industry, she changed her name to Poorna.. Due to the fact that Poorna mostly acted in horror films, a magazine gave her the title of The Ghost Queen of the Telugu Film. Purna has already acted in many horror films and received good popularity.

But as she mostly acted in films under the direction of director Ravi Babu, there were rumors that there was an affair between the two of them.. But it was clarified that there is no such thing between them.. After Poorna’s marriage, her opportunities in films decreased.. Also, she is acting as a judge in many shows that are aired on television. She has also acted in many movies and received good success.

Purna loved and married Shanid Asif Ali from Dubai. The engagement was revealed but the wedding was kept a secret. After that, Poorna shocked everyone by telling the story. She recently gave birth to a baby boy. Recently some photos are becoming viral on social media. Even after getting married and giving birth to a child, there are reports that Poorna is having a secret affair with a man. When her husband goes to Dubai for work, she secretly calls him when he is not at home and is enjoying it a lot in Tollywood industry. Many netizens are commenting that Purna will do such a thing even after getting married and having a baby.

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