Pooja Hegde made shocking comments on Kantara movie..!

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 6:48 AM IST

Needless to say, how popular Kantara film has become across the country. It was first released as a short film in Kannada and later released in all languages ​​and received good success. Kantara film is getting huge collections wherever it is released. Rishabh Shetty as the hero and director directed this film. In this film, he performed an excellent performance and received appreciation from the audience. It can be said that the hype of this movie has increased especially with the thrilling scenes in the climax. That is why so many actors have informed about this movie as their opinion.

Everyone who has seen this movie says that this movie is amazing. Pooja Hegde, the heroine of Tollywood, also saw this film and gave a book saying that this film is amazing. She informed that a regional culture has been developed to make it accessible to all. To this extent, she has made many interesting comments about Kantara movie on her Instagram platform. Write what you know. Tell the audience the stories that are close to your heart..

Later, in the last 20 minutes of this film, his hair stood on end..I was moved by the performance of the visual actors, especially the hero Rishabh Shetty Kantara, and he was very proud of it. Pooja Hegde wrote on Reshab Shetty that you will receive many more accolades in the coming days.

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