Pooja Hegde is ready for surgery.

By iittm Editor August 28, 2023 12:16 PM IST

Heroine Pooja Hegde, who was introduced to the Telugu screen through the movie Ok Laila Moro, needs no special introduction. This cute grandmother got huge success in her first movie and then acted in a series of movies and got recognition as a star heroine. But now it has to be said that she is not getting together since last year. What once seemed like a golden leg, this darling now seems like an iron leg. However, even though opportunities are knocking at the door, they are not committing to new projects. It is reported that he will also withdraw from the films he has signed.

If not, these two movies like Ustad Bhagat Singh and Guntur Karam can be said to be proof of this. She initially agreed to do two films and later withdrew from both. But recently Pooja Hegde’s team has given clarity on this. It has been revealed that Pooja is not really healthy, she injured her legs while dancing while acting in previous films and also underwent a major surgery. It is reported that she is not accepting new films due to this reason.

After knowing that Pooja Hegde has undergone surgery, fans are also expressing concern. Fans wish him a speedy recovery and return to films. It remains to be seen how much Pooja Hegde will focus on her next films.

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