Pooja Hegde is earning all the lakhs of letters by opening shopping malls..!!

By iittm Editor August 27, 2023 10:22 AM IST

Tollywood heroine Pooja Hegde shone as a top heroine in Tollywood till last year.. Pooja Hegde did not do any Telugu movie after Radhe Shyam movie.. But there are reports that she rejected the offers of Guntur Karam movie that came recently. Especially in Bollywood too, it seems that he is showing passion there as many kinds of opportunities are coming up. Apart from these, this cutie is also going to various shopping malls openings and it seems that she is earning a lot, let’s know about them.

Once in the industry fans used to call Pooja Hegde as golden leg heroine.. but now they are calling her by the name of iron leg.. There are reports that many director producers are not keen to give Pooja Hegde even new movie offers because of the risk. With this, it is reported that this cutie is also going as a guest to various shopping malls openings.

Recently, Pooja Hegde was present for the opening of a shopping mall in Kadapa and it seems that Pooja Hegde took a remuneration of Rs.40 lakh rupees for 40 minutes of ribbon cutting. Many fans and netizens are surprised to know this. Many netizens are also commenting that the Pooja Hegde craze has not decreased as the movie offers have decreased. Pooja Hegde is often active on social media and shares many kinds of photos.

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