Pawan Kalyan shined at New York’s Time Square.. Video viral..!

By iittm Editor September 3, 2023 9:18 AM IST

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s birthday celebrations were celebrated yesterday not only in the two Telugu states but also abroad by his fans. It is known that many film and political celebrities also made a lot of noise on social media by wishing Pawan Kalyan on his birthday. Especially now, his fans abroad are also celebrating the occasion in a grand manner.

Pawan’s fans recently celebrated Pawan Kalyan’s birthday together in America. Moreover, a video was also played wishing Pawan Kalyan on his birthday at New York’s Time Square. Usually many actors and models also want to play videos at this New York time square. If not, lately our Indians have been showing their love by playing the videos of their favorite heroes on their special days as well as our festivals.

And in this sequence, Pawan’s fans recently played a special video for Pawan Kalyan, and this video has become quite viral. Not only Pawan Kalyan’s fans but also the audience are surprised to see this. If it comes to Pawan Kalyan, he has gained huge popularity not only in Telugu but also in all other languages ​​with his mannerism. Now he is making films on one side.. on the other side he is also making innovative strides in politics.

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