Pawan birthday wishes to Chiranjeevi.. for causing that luck

By iittm Editor August 21, 2023 9:27 PM IST

Megastar Chiranjeevi is going to turn 68 tomorrow. Fans are eagerly waiting for Annaya’s birthday. Fans are excited to wish Chiranjeevi a happy birthday soon after midnight today. However, first of all, he wished the elder brother’s favorite younger brother, Kalyan Babu, on his birthday. On the occasion of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday tomorrow, he tweeted on the social networking platform Twitter (X) saying ‘Happy birthday to my brother’.

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‘Loving greetings to Annayya Chiranjeevi. First of all I thank God for giving me the good fortune to be born as your younger brother and call you elder brother. Your journey seems to me like a thin brook flowing and becoming great. You have not only shown a way for us to grow up, but your determination, perseverance, hard work, integrity and service, which have inspired millions, are an example for many like me. Even though you have the admiration of millions of people…Kinchit’s pride is not visible in you because you have closed yourself. The success you are achieving in the field of cinema with your unwavering power and undiminished acting skills is eternal. I sincerely wish you a happy, healthy full life and more success. Happy birthday brother’ he tweeted.

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