Ori Devuda Review: Vishwak Sen’s ‘Ori Devuda!’ How is it..?

By iittm Editor October 21, 2022 2:22 PM IST

‘Ori Devava’ starring Vishvaksen and Venkatesh in a guest role hit the screens today. Expectations for the film have increased as the curtain has risen on the banner of the famous production company PVP Cinema and the promotional pictures have aroused interest. It is a remake of the Tamil hit O My Kadavule. Let’s find out if the same magic has been repeated in Telugu.

Storyline: Arjun (Vishwak Sen) and Anu (Mithila Palkar) are childhood friends. Arjun agrees to marry her. But, problems start after that. Anu keeps suspecting Arjun. Arjunemo feels that he has lost his freedom without understanding her love. With that, both will prepare for divorce. In life, a wife can be a friend, but a friend should not become a wife, Arjun cries in front of God. Prema wants to give him a second chance for love marriage. God agrees with certain conditions. And, after taking a second chance, did Arjun find love in his school days favorite Meera (Asha Bhatt)? Anu-Arjun broke up? So what is the story of God (Venkatesh) in this story? How he came is the rest of the story.

How it is: This is a fantasy story with sensitive elements. Along with love, the romantic comedy takes place in the background. The discussion about second chances in life and how we see the difficulties we face is fascinating. Remaking such sensitive stories is an adventure. This film, which was successful in Tamil, was brought to the screen by the director himself. The emotions were very ripe with that. The entire first half is full of fun, exploring friendship and life after marriage. What if the friends are husband and wife? They have very well explored what thoughts are like when doing something you don’t want to do. Vishwaksen tried to laugh with Venkatesh Kakuma, who appeared in the role of Mani, a friend who tries to understand, saying that you do not understand.

Interval sequences are the highlight of the movie. The second half focused on emotions. What kind of journey did the protagonist take with Anu when he got a second chance? Love with you? The twists and turns in that background are interesting. The scenes in the background of Mira’s birthday video, the conflict between Anu and Arjun in the flagging scenes is touching. The character of God is the key to the film. The way Venkatesh looks like a modern god is very good. How did he enter? The way the film revolves around him without going into the details of why he came here is a reflection of the director’s maturity. Venkatesh has adapted well in that role. Rahul Ramakrishna laughed here and there, appearing as a co-god next to him. Having a movie to watch Intillpadi together and releasing it on the occasion of festival are things that come together.

Who made it: This movie tells how it is when the actors come together for a story. The director chose the actors as well as the characters were designed. Vishwaksen, Mithila Palkar and Ashabhat were cast in the roles. The energy shown by Vishwak in his role in the first half is good. The highlight is the emotions developed by the heroines in the second half. Mithila Palkar gets more marks in this regard. Venkatesh’s acting and looks are impressive. Venkatesh Kakumanu, Rahul Ramakrishna, Muralisharma, Naginidu and others have given good performances in terms of their roles. Technically the film is superior. Camera and music are the main strength of the film. The construction conditions are good. The director has upgraded the movie, but in the first half, the humor between the hero and friend characters seems to be lacking. Tarun Bhaskar’s words are good.

Finally: Ori Devava… a movie to watch together with Intillipadi.

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