Only India is my home.. My aim is to take my country forward.. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the top heroes in Bollywood. Even though he is already one of the top heroes.. this hero who used to get consecutive hits is now getting fed up with failure films. Akshay Kumar’s films like Ramasethu and Kattupalli Prithviraj had failed. Akshay Kumar, who has not been successful in the last eight films, has now told why his films are failing.

Akshay Kumar’s film career has been going dull for the past few years. Akshay has recently responded to this matter as every film he has made so far has failed. They want something new.. So we all need to make a film according to their ideas.. Actually, it is not my audience’s fault. You have to be a little careful in the selection of stories..” He said and expressed his great mind.

Akshay Kumar is currently going to make a biopic on Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is directed by Mahesh Son Shekhar. Akshay Kumar recently made several comments regarding his citizenship. “He used to have Canadian citizenship along with India but now he has given up his Canadian citizenship.. My goal is to take my country forward which only India has given him.. ” He declared.. while Akshay Kumar showed his great heart by donating 25 crore rupees to the people during Corona.

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