“One Breath” from “KRR Works” is a feel good music album release

By iittm Editor February 24, 2023 4:28 PM IST

Released a feel-good music album titled “Oke Shsavaga” from KRR Works. Bharat Manchiraju composed the music for this album. Directed by Arun Mohan Injamuri, this album is a crowd pleaser. Sandeep Kanti Nerasu is the director of photography for this album. Bharat Manchiraju composed and produced this song.

Also, Mohnish Sahu and Harika Narayan have sung this album very sweetly. And Chandni’s lyrics seemed like that. Sandilya Peisapati’s violin can also be said to be a place for this album. Overall, this album is getting good response from the audience. Audiences who have listened to this album are commenting that they want more such good albums from kRR works offering.

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