Now Samantha’s range is not normal.

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 1:34 PM IST

Those familiar with the world of cinema need no introduction about Samantha. Samantha, who cut back on films after becoming Akkineni’s daughter-in-law, became a hot topic in the media after her divorce with Naga Chaitanya. It is trending after the divorce by making confessions in successive films. If her dates are not available for another two years, then you can understand how her momentum will be.

In a special song in the movie Pushpa danced saying “Woooo antaava mama uhoo antaava” and made the boy’s heart flutter. This song came on pan India level. With this, big Bollywood producers lined up for Samantha’s dates. With this, Samantha is asking for a huge remuneration. Samantha currently spends around Rs. 3-8 crores.

Bollywood producers are ready to give as much as Samantha asks. Currently she is in Mumbai for Rs. They are trying to buy a luxurious house with 30 crores. If there is a house here, it seems that they are planning to cover Bollywood and South. Meanwhile, Yashoda’s movie starring Samantha in the title role is all set to release on November 11. On the other hand, Sasamantha will act in Khushi’s film with hero Vijay Deverakonda.

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