Notices to baby movie producer on use of ‘drugs’

By iittm Editor September 15, 2023 7:16 AM IST

Hyderabad CP CV Anand said that notices will be issued to the producer of the movie Baby on the use of drugs. It was objected that the film showed scenes showing how to use drugs. CP appealed to the film industry not to shoot scenes of taking drugs. On the one hand, while they are struggling to buy drugs, on the other hand, some people are angry that the use of drugs is shown in the movies. Taking moral responsibility, CP asked to try not to show drug use in movies.

Baby movie director Sai Rajesh responded to CV Anand’s comments. It was explained that the drug scene had to be included as part of the story. He said that the police called and asked for an explanation as there were scenes related to drug scenes in the movie Baby. Sai explained that the police said that such scenes were clues in the Madapur drug case. They said that the police have asked the Telugu film industry to make films that are ideal for the people.

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