No one should send money to my trust: Lawrence

By iittm Editor August 30, 2023 6:40 PM IST

He started his career as a side dancer and then went to the level of a choreographer, became an actor and achieved a series of successes as a director and producer. Lawrence does not want to spend the money he earned only for himself and his family, but thinks that it is for the poor in the society and also for his relatives.

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He is gradually increasing his service programs by raising 60 children, teaching dance to the disabled, distributing essential items during Corona, and performing heart operations. In this order, his request that no one give money to his charity became a hot topic.

Lawrence recently released a video. In that he said.. “No one should send money to my trust.. I will take care of my children.. I made a tweet requesting a few days ago. The reason for that is that I started a trust when I was a dance master. In that, I organized programs like raising 60 children, teaching dance to disabled people and performing open heart surgeries. I could not do all these things alone. That’s why I asked for help from others. Then I used to do one film every two years. But now I am doing three films a year. I thought to myself, I am getting good money, I can do it myself, why should I ask others to do it. I am not arrogant and want money that others pay for service. There are many trusts that are struggling to pay me the money you don’t have. Help such people. They are very useful. Not many people help them.

No matter what I say, some people say that they will help me meet. very happy I will tell you who is suffering from financial difficulties. Help yourself. It will give you great satisfaction. Thank you so much.” At the audio launch event of ‘Chandramukhi 2’, Lyca Productions head Subhaskaran announced a donation of Rs. Lawrence thanked him and asked that no one help his trust anymore.

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