Nikhil’s ‘Swayambhu’ movie poster is interesting

By iittm Editor August 18, 2023 2:03 PM IST

Among the young heroes of Tollywood, Nikhil Siddharth has a higher success rate. Nikhil scored blockbuster hits with movies like Karthikeya, Karthikeya-2, 18 Pages. Unlike everyone else, he is constantly improving himself with different content and providing new content to the audience. That’s why the audience is falling for this young hero. Nikhil, who recently entertained with the movie Spy, is coming up with the latest movie Swayambhu.

Bharat Krishnamachari, who has worked as a writer for many films in Tamil, is directing this film. The shooting of this movie has recently started. To this extent, the makers have released a special poster. Nikhil’s poster was designed on a heroic level as a war hero on horseback with a flaming arrow in the mouth of a dragon. Tollywood’s golden girl Sanyukta Menon is playing the heroine in this period drama.



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