Natti Kumar’s key comments to respond to Chandrababu’s arrest

By iittm Editor September 12, 2023 6:35 PM IST

Bandh was organized across AP yesterday to protest the arrest of TDP chief Chandrababu. However, many political leaders reacted to Chandrababu’s arrest. However.. Tollywood producer Natti Kumar responded to Chandrababu’s arrest.. Chandrababu is like a benefactor of the film industry, and if such a person is arrested, it is outrageous that none of the film industry leaders react. Director Raghavendra Rao has condemned Chandrababu’s arrest, Natti Kumar questioned why no one in the film industry is talking about Chandrababu’s arrest except him. Natti Kumar denied that they are keeping silent because of fear of whom.

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“Chandrababu is a person who speaks when called, a person in our house, who comes to every program and stands by the industry. Today’s industry is far away from such a person. Who is not afraid to speak? Who is afraid of him? Who is not afraid of going there? Even if I ask these questions directly… not to anyone… whether I ask Junior NTR, Prabhas, Chiranjeevi… what happened to Prasanna Kumar, YVS Chaudhary, Damodara Prasad and others? What happened to Ashwinidat? What happened to Arvind, Suresh Babu and Kumar Chaudhary? Raghavendra Rao tweeted.

Chandrababu has benefited many in the film industry either officially or unofficially. It is not to go and give bouquets when you get a position, but you should stand by when you are in trouble. Let us assure you that we are with you. Besides, it is not right to stay away when you are in trouble,” commented Natti Kumar.

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