My health condition is critical – Gayatri Gupta..!

By iittm Editor September 10, 2023 5:59 PM IST

Gayathri Gupta is a name that needs no special introduction to the silver screen audience. This cute doll looks different doing different characters. In the past, she made some comments about her health. This cute grandmother who is famous on the silver screen started her career through short films, became an anchor and then became an actress. And Gayatri Gupta, who has gained a good name in Tollywood, is entertaining as a character artist on the silver screen alone.

If Gayatri Gupta is from Tollywood, this cutie has acted in movies like Kokonjamatta, Ice Cream and Fida. . She has revealed that her health is not good many times in the past and now she is saying that her health has changed very critically.

Gayatri Gupta who took part in an interview recently revealed many shocking things and said that her health condition is alarming. I have been suffering from Autoimmunity problem for some time now. Currently the health condition is critical. What will happen tomorrow is unknown. I have been receiving treatment for the last one and a half years. She revealed that she is also taking one or two injections a month. The cutie also said that she would be confined to her bed if she didn’t get the injection. The fans are a bit worried about this.

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