My first goal is to keep Samantha happy – Vijay Devarakonda..!

By iittm Editor August 16, 2023 8:11 AM IST

It must be said that rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda can’t remember the last time he saw success, otherwise it is known that he is going to come in front of the audience on September 1 with Khushi after the fans have been waiting for a good success for so many years. He expresses the belief that he will definitely achieve success with this film. In this background, Novatello Khushi’s musical concert was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday.. Vijay and Samantha made a crazy entry and impressed everyone. They especially impressed with their dances.

Here, Vijay Devarakonda’s shirtless dance was the highlight. With this, the fans cheered all over the premises. And Vijay said.. We started this film with a smile in the month of April last year, everything went smoothly and still 30% of the shooting is pending. We thought that if Samantha comes for three days, her whole part will be over and she will come. But she said she was not well. We thought it would be enough to rest for two or three days. But it says it is not set. We thought that if we rest for two or three weeks, it will set. But it is not happening.. After that Samantha said in an event that she is suffering from a major health problem then it hurt a lot.

We thought that we should not mention this matter.. But we had to say it.. Many people are facing similar health issues.. This matter is said to tell us that even if we have problems, we can work and there is no need to worry. And Samantha proved it by doing it. Now she has recovered and completed the shooting for you and also danced. Vijay said that her health is still not good.. If the lights fall, she gets a headache.. She has trouble with her eyes.. but she came here for you and I want to see a smile on her face, that will be possible with Khushi’s hit movie.

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