Mister Pregnant Movie Review.. How is it..?

By iittm Editor August 18, 2023 9:13 AM IST

Mr. Pregnant is directed by Srinivas Vinjanampati, starring Syed Sohail Ryan as the hero. Roopa Koduvayur as the heroine. Raja Ravindra, Ali, Brahmaji, Vaiva Harsha, Abhishek and others played key roles in this. Now let’s see what kind of response this movie is getting from the audience which was released today without any expectations. When it comes to the story of this movie.. Gautham (Hero) who lost his parents at a young age grows up as an orphan.. Then Mahi (Heroine) comes into Gautham’s life who works as a tattoo artist and lives as he likes.

At first Gautham rejects Mahi’s love.. but still Mahi follows Gautham without letting go. At one stage Gautham accepts Mahi’s love with some conditions. But her father opposes her love. So Mahi defies her parents and takes seven steps with Gautham. But Gautham keeps Mahi away as she becomes pregnant against her will. Gautham then changes his mind and decides to grow her pregnancy in his stomach. But why does Gautham decide to carry his wife Mahi’s pregnancy contrary to nature..what problems did Gautham face while carrying the pregnancy..how did he resist the difficulties given by the society..the story of this movie is the answer to the questions.

The emotional aspects of the first part, the way the director has written the flashback scenes in an emotional way has impressed everyone. And the way the second part also made us laugh out loud with good entertainment showed his grip on the script. On the whole, it seems that this Mr. Pregnant movie is coming on the screen in an innovative way and it is impressing the audience very much.

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