Manmathadu rerelease date locked.. when..?

By iittm Editor August 20, 2023 8:04 PM IST

Currently there is a trend of re-releasing in Tollywood. Almost all the star heroes’ films have already been rereleased and now Nagarjuna has also joined this list. And ‘Manmathudu’ is one of the hit films of Nag’s career. While this movie released in 2002 was directed by K. Vijaya Bhaskar.. Sonali Bendre and Anshu acted as heroines. The movie team will make all arrangements to re-release this film on August 29 on the occasion of Nagarjuna’s birthday. It has to be seen what kind of collections will come with the re-release of this film which has gained a good craze among the youth.

Nagarjuna's 'Manmathadu' rerelease date fixed..

This film which was released in 2002 is now coming to the silver screen once again. The makers have released a comedy promo related to this film. This video is currently being shared on social media. “This is a male.. The one who cooks for him is also male. The plants growing in his lawn are also male. This promo started with first first comedy and interesting dialogue. And in the movie ‘Manmathudu’, most of the comedy scenes are with Brahmanandam. A small scene related to that has also been included in this promo. A comedy scene where Brahmanandam tells the hero and heroine how to stand on the escalator is once again bringing laughter. Nagarjuna’s dialogue, “We landed like this, not knowing how to get down”. There are many such scenes in this movie. The film unit has released this promo saying to be ready to watch and enjoy these once again in theatres. Along with that, she added a funny caption to the video saying, “Do you know how to book tickets?”

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