Manchu Manoj Bhuma Maunik’s wedding date is fixed!

Manchu Manoj is an actor who has made a name for himself as a hero in Tollywood. A youthful entertainer, he got good hits with love stories. Although his career went well for some years, he did not get the opportunities he wanted. Currently, Manchu Manoj is often in the news. The reason is the news about Bhuma Maunik’s marriage. But recently there are news that both of them have got married, but the wedding date also seems to be sometime.

Manchu Manoj, who started his career as a child actor, acted in the film Major Chandrakant at the age of ten. Later he became a hero. He was introduced to the Telugu screen as a hero with the movie Donga Dongadi which came out in 2004. After that, he acted in many films while getting opportunities as a hero. He earned a good name with films like Bindas, Jhummandi Naadam, Mr. Nukaiah, Raju Bhai, Pandavulu.

But Manchu Manoj married Pranathi Reddy in 2015. Some people say that it was a love marriage, while others argue that Viranika’s classmate Pranathi Reddy, who was married to Manchu. Anyway, both of them got married and lived a happy life for a few years. After that they got divorced with some conflicts. Later, Manoj also said many times that he faced many problems mentally. But now it is reported that Manchu Manoj is going to marry Bhuma Maunika.

For some time now, there have been reports that Bhuma Mounika is in a relationship with Manoj. Both of them were seen as a couple during the Ganesh festival. Since then, everyone has been fixed that they are in a relationship. But neither Manchu family nor Maunika family has given any information on this. Both of them have never expressed their love directly. But many times Manoj has already said that he will tell everything soon.

Meanwhile, there are reports that both of them are getting married soon. It is reported that on March 3, Manoj Bhuma is going to put three thorns in Maunika’s neck. It seems that the wedding related programs are already going on. But we have to wait for a few days to know the real thing.

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