Mamatha Mohandas: ‘I cried for many days alone in a dark room’.. Heroine Mamatha Mohandas is emotional.. | Actress Mamta Mohandas Opens Up About Her Bad Days Her Vitiligo Disease

Having fought cancer twice, she said that health care and exercise have greatly improved her life.

She entered the film industry with many hopes to gain recognition as a heroine. She acted in many films as a heroine and impressed. At a time when his career was in good shape and he was getting a series of opportunities in the south, cancer struck him. Not once.. Twice she was affected by cancer.. She won after years of fighting. Just as he was about to return to the industry after fully recovering, he was struck by another rare disease. There are many ups and downs in life..She is standing in front of problems with mental fortitude and is an inspiration to many girls. He is Mamata Mohan Das. Having fought cancer twice, she said that health care and exercise have greatly improved her life.

He said that the experiments in his life are not ending.. Currently he is struggling with another new problem. Currently, Mamata Mohan Das has revealed that she has an autoimmune disease. She recently revealed that she has a skin problem called vitiligo. Mamata, who participated in an interview recently, talked about the difficulties she faced.During the shooting of Mahesh Maruthium, I noticed white spots on my body. After that, the disease spread to the face, neck and palms. Even after taking tablets, due to lung problems, I reduced the tablets. Due to this, the scars on the whole body have increased.

“I believed in my courage when I got cancer. Many people say that you are strong. But this time it didn’t happen. I was left alone. Friends are not invited. I sat alone and cried for days. A person who is always in front of the camera.. It is too much to stay alone in the dark like that. I was alone for months. But I learned that staying like that would kill me. That’s why I revealed my problem. Then the cast was calm. If anyone asks what happened to me, I tell them to look at my Instagram,” Mamata said.

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