Ligar blow.. Warning to distributors!.. Puri audio leak?

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 7:50 AM IST

Puri Jagannath and Vijay Devarakonda’s latest movie is Ligar. The movie, which was released amid huge expectations, turned out to be an utter flop. Due to this, the distributors and the producers suffered a heavy loss. In this context, the distributors gave a warning to the director Puri Jagannath.

As a part of this, 83 exhibitors from Nizam planned to hold a dharna in front of Puri Jagannath’s house. A WhatsApp message related to this has gone viral. But when this matter reached Puri Jagannath, he expressed his anger.

In this background, an audio of Puri Jagannath has also gone viral. Even if you say that you will give, if you overreact like this, you are not giving. If you want to take my honor, even a single rupee is not wise. From Pokiri to Esmart Shankar… I need to get some money from buyers. He asked whether the money would be collected and deposited. Also give a list of those who are doing dharna. The audio which gave a warning in a range saying that I will give money to those who do not do dharna has now gone viral.

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