Krishnam Raju: You will be shocked to know about Krishnam Raju’s first wife!!

By iittm Editor September 13, 2022 10:45 PM IST
Krishnam Raju First Wife

Krishnam Raju.. a hero who has lit up the industry.. a hero who has gained recognition as a rebel star..! A hero who is respected in the industry as a legendary actor. Such a hero has gone to the worlds of no return. He was admitted to AIIG hospital due to medical reasons and died while undergoing treatment. With that, he is becoming a trend. What are the super hit movies of this hero? How many children..? How many crores of property is there? Pushing search with key searches like They are eager to know about Krishna Raju. In this order, some netizens are trying to know about the first wife as well. And Krishnamraj was married to Sitadevi before Shyamaledevi. Descendants of Kota Sansthanadhisula Raja Kalidindi Devi Prasada Varaha Venkata Suryanarayana Kumara Lakshmi Kanta Raja Bahuddur! In short, Gandhibabu and Saraswati Devi’s daughter Sita Devi was married by Krishnam Raju in 1969.

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