Kida: Ravikishore’s first Tamil film ‘Sravanti’ is an honor

By iittm Editor October 22, 2022 6:49 PM IST

Kida: Ravikishore's first Tamil film 'Sravanti' is an honor

Kida: The 25 feature films and 20 non-feature films selected for the Indian Panorama at the Indian Film Festival of India (IFFI) were announced today. One of the feature films is the Tamil movie ‘Kida’ produced by ‘Sravanti’ Ravikishore, the head of the well-known Telugu production house Sravaanti Movies. Poo Raman, Kali Venkat and others played the lead roles in it. The story revolves around a grandfather, a grandson and a baby goat. It also has a beautiful love story. Renowned producer ‘Sravanti’ Ravikishore expressed his joy as his film received a rare honor.

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Ravikishore said on this occasion.. ‘When RA Venkat told this ‘Kida’ story, I understood that there was something in it. I immediately agreed that everyone would be connected. It’s a Tamil film by name. However.. in the current situation the film has become universal. Audiences love movies across languages. We made the film in Tamil with the intention of reaching the audience of all languages ​​no matter what language the film is made in. This is the first Tamil film in the journey of three and a half decades of Sravathi Movies. We shot ‘Kida’ in Kambur, a village in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. Diwali is a big festival for everyone. Diwali is still a big festival especially for Tamil people and children there. It is customary to buy new clothes for the festival. Anyone in the villages is tempted to buy new clothes for their children beyond their means. After buying it, they are happy as if they are wearing the clothes themselves. This is a film made in that background. A grandfather challenges himself for his grandson. We have to see what that challenge is in the movie. That would be interesting. There are emotions in this movie that touch everyone’s heart. Indian Panorama is pleased to select our film for screening at the Indian Film Festival of India – 2022. The choice of ‘Kida’ along with ‘Jai Bheem’ from Tamil is even more delightful. The post production works of the film are complete. We are making preparations to release it in all languages ​​soon,’ he said. The 53rd ‘International Film Festival of India’ will be held in Goa from November 20 to 28.

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