Kerala producer to marry Andala Bhama Trisha!

By iittm Editor September 19, 2023 8:04 PM IST

As a senior heroine, she acted with almost all the top heroes in Telugu and gained good experience. But despite getting old, there is no change in her beauty. But Trisha’s marriage is not coming together for some reason… Previously, she was engaged with the intention of marrying Tamil industrialist Manian, but then due to various reasons, the wedding was canceled without taking place. Trisha did not talk about marriage again after that. By this time, Trisha’s mind started to get married again. According to reports, she is looking to marry a producer from the Malayalam film industry in Kerala.

But till now it is only limited to words. We hear that an official announcement will be made soon. Let’s hope that at least this time Trisha’s wedding goes off without a hitch.

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