Kasthuri : Baboy aunty this is a ruckus

By iittm Editor August 21, 2023 8:13 AM IST

Kasturi, who has acted in Telugu films in the past, has become closer to the Telugu people as Tulsi with the Grilahakshmi serial coming on Mati TV. As this serial is doing well, she is also receiving film offers. Grilahakshmi’s serial means mother’s role, so it is a method. Otherwise, she would have brought out the hotness in herself and raised her anxiety.

And Ammadu started a fire by criticizing the stars in the Tamil film industry with her mouth. Currently she is doing serial as well as web series. Kasthuri Shankar also played a bold character in the web series Parampara.

But Kasthuri Shankar is always active on social media. Reacts immediately to negative and positive tweets coming at him. However.. Kasturi recently got excited with her hot beauty. Those photos have now gone viral.

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