Karate Kalyani made sensational comments on Bigg Boss..!

By iittm Editor September 5, 2023 1:56 PM IST

Karate Kalyani, who has gained recognition as a popular actress, needs no special introduction. Once the craze she got through movies, she participated in the Bigg Boss show while her career was falling. Then she got a good craze through social media controversy. But recently, when Bigg Boss season seven aired, this cute girl made sensational comments on the show and became in the news. Many people make comments to stop the Bigg Boss show. No need to ignore them. Bigg Boss has good and bad.

Especially when you go to Bigg Boss, everyone will be empty. Because they stop opportunities for six months. Everyone thinks that opportunities will come after they come out of the house, but after six months, everyone forgets them. After that the chances of these celebrities will also stop. So it is better not to go to Bigg Boss. We know the conditions because we have been there.

Bigg Boss is an entertainment show and should be seen as such. It would be good if someone with talent comes out through this platform. The craze will always be there. But she commented that my craze was the same even before Bigg Boss came, but now if I get a chance, I am ready to go again.

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