Kannada actress Divya Spandana’s death is unreal … Friends Clarity!

By iittm Editor September 6, 2023 12:48 PM IST

They are killing celebrities who are alive because of whether social media is good or not. Most of the times famous political leaders, movie celebrities and businessmen have given a shock by announcing that they died while they were still alive. Then their close friends or family members will tell that there is no truth in this news. Recently, the news that Kannada actress and politician Divya Spandana passed away this morning due to a heart attack came on social media. While the fans, family members and close friends were very sad thinking that this news was true.. Divya Spandana’s friends called her to find out what actually happened and gave her the good news.

And Bangalore-based Divya Spandana Surya is known to the Telugu audience with films like Son of Krishnan and Fandiyaayu.

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