Kangana blasted bullets on an international magazine saying that she will not tolerate Rajamouli saying a single word.

The leading international magazine The New York published a sensational article insulting director Rajamouli. After reading this, Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut lashed out at the magazine in her own style. International magazine The New York published an article titled “The Man Behind India’s Controversial Global Blockbuster RRR”. But Kangana Ranaut, who read this, said that Rajamouli was not in a position to care about it, but questioned how reasonable it is to throw mud at the director who has spread the flag of India’s glory to the world.

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On her Twitter, Kangana strongly objected to the global magazine’s article which published Rajamouli as controversial.. “What controversies has he created? Rajamouli made the movie ‘Baahubali’ to glorify the glory of our lost Indian cinema.. Rajamouli loves this country.. He took the regional cinema to the world level. I know what controversy he is. He was devoted to the nation of India. You are called controversial because it is his fault. But as a person from this country, how dare you question the integrity of Sri Rajamouli ji?.. said Kangana.

“It’s a shame for everyone. Artists are completely proud of themselves. So don’t you dare throw mud at us. I will not bear anything on Rajamouli sir like fire in rain. An intellectual nationalist, a Yogi of the highest order.. We all are blessed to have him as a member of this country,” tweeted Kangana.

Also “I have never met or spoken to Rajamouli sir. I don’t know about anything. This disadvantage may not even bother him. But I appreciate Dharmam Satya…I appreciate Rajamouli ji,” said Kangana.

But when the New Yorker mentioned in his article that Hindu nationalism was recognized by our nation in RR, Kangana took a dig at this matter and Kangana opined that this is a kind of Hindi industry critic’s work.

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