Kajal Aggarwal who is also married is infatuated with that hero..!!

By iittm Editor August 14, 2023 1:42 PM IST

Heroine Kajal Aggarwal got married to her childhood friend at the same time as a star heroine in Tollywood. She also became a mother to a child. Recently, Kajal Aggarwal is looking hotter after getting fit for her re-entry into films.. It is remarkable that she is looking more beautiful now than before marriage.. She is also active on social media and keeps sharing various glamor photos.

Heroine Kajal Aggarwal is leading a family life on one side and is participating in movie shootings on the other side.. Recently Kajal Aggarwal’s comments are becoming viral on social media.. Especially she surprised everyone by saying that she is ready to go on a date with hero Nagarjuna.. On a stage, Kajal said that if you have to go on a date, you will go on a date. When asked.. she immediately said Nagarjuna’s name. Having said this, this matter is becoming viral on social media.

In the past, when the opportunity came to act with Nagarjuna in the movie The Ghost, she withdrew from that movie due to some reasons.. Heroine Sonal Chauhan was selected in her place.. Now after almost two years, she is ready to act with Nagarjuna. According to the information, Kajal Aggarwal has been selected as the heroine. This grandmother is also acting in the film Balayya, who says okay to senior heroes.

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