Kaikala’s last wish.. Even if the fathers can’t fulfill it.. Can the sons fulfill it..?

By iittm Editor August 24, 2023 7:27 AM IST

Usually every actor in the film industry has a lifelong wish. But if some people fulfill that wish, some people will take their last breath without being fulfilled. Some people get satisfaction by fulfilling their desires through others. Kaikala Satyanarayana is one such person. Kaikala Satyanarayana, who has acted in nearly 800 films, had one last wish. But even if that desire could not be fulfilled by them, it was fulfilled by their successors and got satisfaction.

In fact, Satyanarayana, who played serious villain roles in the 80s, played the role of Bheem in mythological films. Especially the name he gave to the characters of Yama. He played that role for the first time in the movie Yamagola and then he played the role of Yamudi in films like Yamudi Mogudu and Daruvu released in 2012 and impressed the audience. He was lucky enough to act as Ghatotkachudu, the iconic role played by SVR in the movie Mayabazar. Kaikala also played that role in SV Krishna Reddy’s experimental film Ghatotkachudu.

There is no role that has not been played in the 60-year long film journey. But he wanted a combination. If it was a collaboration, they also wanted to act in that film. V. A multi-starrer movie directed by Ramachandra Rao is Godu siyaya siyamuru. While NTR and Krishna acted as heroes in this movie, Jaggaiah and Satyanarayana played key roles. This movie was released in 1973 and became a huge success. After that, Chiranjeevi, who became the top stars of the generation, wanted to make a film in the combination of Balakrishna. But that wish was not fulfilled. Even though the father wanted to make a multi-starrer, that wish was not fulfilled. But their successors NTR and Ram Charan acted together in RRR movie. He enjoyed watching this film but the desire to act with them remained the same.

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