Junior Samantha is going crazy with the beauty..!!

By iittm Editor October 22, 2022 10:57 AM IST

Ashu Reddy is known as Junior Samantha in Telugu film industry. This cutie always entertains with her beauty that is not matched by the heroines. This cutie, who gained popularity especially with Tik Tok videos, later gained more popularity in a video with Ramgopal Varma. Ashu Reddy, who participated in Bigg Boss season-3, failed to impress the audience. But the popularity is huge. For a few days, she anchored several shows on ETV. But Ashu Reddy could not be so successful.

Later, Star Maa Lo Hari came in the team and did not get opportunities in the movies that made a lot of noise. Even though she has done many TV shows, this cute girl always impresses the boys by regularly sharing her hot photos on social media.

(Photos: Instagram)

Recently this kiss is making the photoshoot mind black once again. At the same time, this time the photos with the bra are going viral on social media.

Netizens are also making crazy comments as Ashu Reddy, who is known as a beauty, is showing such beauty. Ashu Reddy is attacking with a skin show in the star heroine Ranger. And some people are commenting saying that no matter how many negative comments are received, Ashu Reddy is getting excited with the hot show. Besides, even though she is so beautiful, fans are commenting why she didn’t get a chance as a heroine.

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