Jr NTR: “Relationship is important to me”.. NTR missed a golden chance !!

By iittm Editor February 25, 2023 10:24 PM IST
Ntr Golden Chance

That’s it..! Ram Charan as a globetrotting star is trending. And what about NTR? What is the reason behind his absence? Why doesn’t Tarak look like Cherry? Why is Manodi’s voice not being heard? Why didn’t America follow the path? Why not set foot on the American popular show? Why didn’t Cherryla hit the evergreen record? Cherry and Tarak became Pan Indian star with Triple R movie. They acted competitively in that movie and showed their acting capacity to the world wide. They have reached the range of buzzing in the Hollywood film festival.. they have reached the range of beating the heroes there. Both of them were also nominated for Best Action Hero at the Hollywood Critics Awards.

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