Josh is a partner with PAA Digital Solutions

By iittm Editor August 25, 2023 3:25 PM IST

It is not seen that people are going to the theaters after the OTTs in the country. The latest short video platform is available. It has firmly established its dominance through an enthusiastic user community. The platform’s appeal satisfies both content creators and viewers alike.

In a commendable feat.. Josh recently tied up with PAA Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd as the short video partner for all their upcoming projects. For those who don’t know, PAA is one of the most trending YouTube channels in South with short films and web series. The collaboration started with the currently trending Telugu web series Married Bachelor. This series started with the release of their amazing songs. The creators of Josh indulged them with the #MarriedBhachelor campaign.

Talking about married bachelor.. it is a romantic comedy. A drama that revolves around the stories of two newly married couples, the misunderstandings and misunderstandings of life. This amazing series “Coffee Stories” is available on YouTube channel. As part of the #MarriedBachelor campaign, around 20 creators from the Josh Telugu community created videos on songs from the web series using the hashtag. Here are some videos of Creators songs. Why delay?

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