Jeans hero cheated by his wife.. if cut..!

By iittm Editor August 14, 2023 10:20 AM IST

Hero Prashanth, who entered the industry as the son of Kollywood’s famous director Thyagarajan and gained huge popularity with his performance, needs no special introduction. Prashant, who became a star hero with films like Jeans and Jodi, later on, stayed away from his film career due to personal reasons. Meanwhile, many news related to him are now becoming viral. Especially the news that he was cheated by his wife became a hot topic in the industry.

In 2005, Prashanth got married to Grilahkshmi, the daughter of a businessman. A baby was also born to them. But before I thought that everything was fine, after a few days, quarrels started between the two. The two separated after three years of marriage. Later, Grilahakshmi went to her birthplace and gave birth to the child. Even if Prashant went to their house to see the baby, they did not allow him. And when he approached the court to get his wife back.. it created more conflict between them. Meanwhile, another unexpected incident happened.

That means Prashanth was previously married to a man named Grilahkshmi Narayanan. He claimed that Grilahkshmi married him in 1998. With this, hero Prashant applied for divorce. After a few days, the court granted the divorce. Even though Prashant requested to leave his daughter with him, the court did not agree. Prashanth’s image was also damaged due to the accusations and counter-accusations during the divorce in his married life. He was away from the silver screen.

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