Jakanna, who went on vacation with his wife.. is the same madness there too..?

By iittm Editor August 19, 2023 10:53 AM IST

Director Dhiru Rajamouli took a happy vacation trip with his life partner Rama Rajamouli to refresh himself with his family after the release of RRR movie. Rajamouli, who went on a tour to Norway, has been sharing every moment he spends with his wife on social media. Jakkanna, who has said goodbye to Tollywood for some time, is going to the distant country of Norway along with his wife Rama and visiting beautiful places there.

Here is a place.. everyone likes baroque here. Especially the Hario water, the big rocks.. the beautiful place and everything feels very pleasant and pleasant here. Director Rajamouli and his wife Rama also visited this place. That beautiful place in Norway is called “The Pulpit Rock”.. Rajamouli always wanted to come to this beautiful place.. Rajamouli saw this place during his research time while doing Magadhira. Now he went to the same place with his wife.

He also shared photos on social media where he visited this beautiful area with his wife saying that no matter how hard he tried so far, it was not possible. But the netizens who saw this, it’s not like he went on a vacation with his wife, it’s like he’s busy looking for a location for a new movie. Rajamouli’s movie madness doesn’t change anywhere. Comments are being made. All in all, these photos shared by Jakkanna are becoming very viral on social media.

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