Jabardast Varsha admitted to the hospital.. the reason..?

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 9:33 AM IST

There is nothing special to say about the Jabardasth program that airs on television. Many mail comedians and female comedians are impressing the audience. Jabardast Varsha can be said to be one of those impressive people.

Jabardasth Varsha

It can be said that Varsha, who first appeared in small characters in serials, got a lot of craze after appearing in Jabardasth. Especially in Jabardasth, she impresses the audience with her beauty as well as her punchy dialogues. Varsha has been trolled many times. But the latest news is that she has been admitted to the hospital, let’s know about it.

It can be said that Varsha and Immanuel’s love track is well set on the screen. If these two come together, there will be a lot of buzz on the screen. And in Jabardast, the overaction done by both of them sometimes goes beyond the limits and the crowd gets angry. Lately Sridevi is also making a lot of noise in the drama company show. Varsha is always active on social media.

But recently there are reports that Varsha’s health is not good. Yesterday, it was reported that she was unable to eat whatever she wanted due to her poor health. But now her fans are worried as Varsha is seen in the hospital bed. Varsha has saline on her hand and it looks like she is also doing some tests. Varsha should give clarity on what happened. However, her fans also hope that Varsha will recover soon.

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