Jabardast comedian who turned into a girl..!

By iittm Editor September 8, 2023 6:38 PM IST

In recent times it is known that many people are changing themselves more and more through transgender. But once upon a time there was a lot of process in society for a man to become a woman or a woman to become a man. Even if they did not change like that, they would have to face many humiliations and difficulties. Because of that birth defect, they used to face many insults with those around them, but now the world will change. People have started to understand that theirs is also a life.

Moreover, the courts say that they have legal rights. That’s why many people are now independently..slowly..soberly changing themselves as they like. It is in this order that we do not need to tell about the lady comedians in Jabardast. It is difficult to remember those who wear lady getup in their original form. And Pinky, who became famous for her lady get-up in Jabardasth, went to Bigg Boss and received everyone’s forgiveness.. and became Priyanka Singh.

Another Jabardast actor has also turned girl now. It is the same Sai Lekha..Recently there are reports that she has undergone a surgery and turned into a lady. She recently participated in an interview and said.. I have not undergone surgery.. If I undergo surgery, will I become a girl? I love tying sarees since childhood.. such thoughts started from the time I knew imagination. And what anyone thinks.. I don’t need.. I want to live for myself. And why should I do the surgery? Why else would they? Sai gave a sharp reply.

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