It would be shocking to know what her mother did for Kriti Shetty to grow up as a heroine..!!

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 11:33 AM IST

Kriti Shetty was introduced to the Telugu film industry through the movie Uppena. After that a series of films brought her more craze. After this film, two more films became hits in a row, and everyone praised her as a golden leg. Actually, Kriti Shetty did not want to become a heroine since childhood. While studying in Mumbai, she mostly appeared in commercial ads. So she got a chance to act in Hindi movies.

First she acted as a student in Super Thirty in Hindi. After that, he was introduced to the Telugu screen. After the movie Uppena, she gained more popularity with movies like Shyam Singarai and Bangarraju. The news that her family has sacrificed so much to grow as a heroine is becoming viral on social media lately. Born in the year 2003 in Mumbai, Kriti Shetty is a girl from Tulu family. Reality of Mangalore in Karnataka. His father came to Mumbai on business and settled down.

Her mother is a fashion designer. Kriti also has a younger sister. Raised in Mumbai, Kriti Shetty completed her graduation in Psychology. Kriti Shetty’s mother also left her job as a fashion designer due to successive opportunities. Anta Kriti Shetty is said to take her mother with her wherever she goes. So she risked her mother’s career for her career. However, this matter was revealed in a recent function. Many are appreciating Kriti’s mother for her work.

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