It took eight years to say the same thing to another person.. Those days were hell.. Hansika

It is known that Tollywood heroine Hansika took seven steps with her longtime friend Sohel on December 4 last year. The couple is currently living a very happy life. But recently Hansika told many interesting things about her first love and breakup..

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In a recent interview to a magazine, Hansika told many things about her first love and breakup. Apart from that, she told how she met Sohel.. Everyone knows the news that Hansika was in love with Shimbu in the past.. But I have no objection to whom Shimbu’s father married my son while they were in love. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hansika.. they revealed their love story. But after some years they both separated..

But Hansika responded in this matter.. “It took me many years to come out of the breakup. To say the same to another. It takes at least 7, 8 years to recover from a breakup and accept the love of a new person. I saw hell in those days.. I believe in love. But I am a romantic person.. but not very expressive as a romantic person. I can’t express my feelings quickly. I believe in marriage. I believe in love. To be honest I took a lot of time to decide about my future partner. I believe in Sohel’s love more. He waited for my love. God has shown us a new way…” she said.

But Hansika said that her first love did not show her the taste of love and did not teach her any lessons. Besides, I definitely believe that every relationship has its own path.

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