Is this the real reason behind the arrest of famous producer Ravinder?

By iittm Editor September 8, 2023 8:03 PM IST

Mahalakshmi and Ravinder are names that do not need much introduction to Telugu and Tamil audiences. It is known that TV actress Mahalakshmi married producer Ravindran Chandrasekaran last year. But now Ravinder who is a producer has been arrested in a case. If we go to the actual matter, if we see the Mahalakshmi couple with a huge personality next to her husband with a thin personality, then anyone will not stop commenting. But this couple proved that real marriage is not physical but mental. Ravinder is also a famous financier.

Ravinder was recently arrested by the police. But the reason for this is that there are allegations of fraud by creating fake documents in the name of generating electricity from solid waste. It is reported that as he said, he got around Rs. 16 crores by making everyone believe that if they invest in his company, they will get profits. The police have detained Ravinder and are investigating this matter. If only Ravinder is behind this? Or someone else? The police have taken up the investigation.

Ravinder married Kollywood actress Mahalakshmi last year.. It must be said that since his marriage, he has been in the news all over the country. Mahalakshmi, who had a son in her first marriage, said that she is happy with her second marriage, and after that, after getting married to producer Ravinder, there was criticism from all over the place, but after that she also shared photos saying that she is happy with her husband.

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