Is there really an affair between Sanyukta and Trivikram..?

Word wizard Trivikram needs no special introduction to the industry. He has gained a good reputation as a writer, dialogue writer and currently he has become a director and continues to be a top director in the industry. On the other hand, Masteru Masteru song from the movie Saar is rocking the whole country.. Malayalee beauty Samyukta Menon who appeared in this song was also seen in Bhimla Nayak and Bimbisara. He has won three hat-tricks in a row.

Sir, Trivikram is not the director of the movie, nor is he the writer.. And what does he have to do with this movie? Why is he taking Samyukta as the heroine in this movie? Trivikram’s wife Sai Soujanya is acting as co-producer of this film. Moreover, this movie was released under Sitara Entertainments, which is like Trivikram’s mother banner.. The word magician Trivikram Srinivas is also known for his great movies and his affairs with heroines. But it is not always the same heroine but the names change.

But now Samyukta Menon’s name is being heard.. Recently, Telugu heroine Rekha Bose posted about their secret relationship. Rekha Bose has clarified that Malayalam heroine Samyukta Menon, who got a cold look in recent times after the comment that Mallu Menon is Everandi Babu. That is to say, Guruji, that cold look falls on me directly, this cute girl openly asked. After all, Rekha Bose has openly revealed that there is an affair between Trivikram and Samyukta.

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