Is it difficult for “Vijay Anthony” who wants everyone to be well?

By iittm Editor September 19, 2023 8:36 PM IST

It is known that Tamil actor Vijay Anthony’s daughter Meera committed suicide this morning. This tragedy will take a long time to pass from this home. Because how difficult is it to lose a 16 year old baby? I can’t tell you how much the heart hurts. No mother and father should go through this kind of trouble. A few days before Meera’s death, Vijay Anthony spoke in a program and gave counseling about suicide. As parents, we should give value to our children’s freedom and their ideas. More importantly, he said a lot of things to encourage them without stressing them about their studies.

Vijay Anthony, who gave courage to everyone, could not imagine that this would happen to his child. Netizens are worried that it is so difficult for Vijay Anthony who wanted to see everyone’s well being.

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