Is he the kind of guy who makes belly laughs on screen…?

By iittm Editor August 14, 2023 7:38 AM IST

Vadivelu, who has gained recognition as the comedy brahma in the Kollywood film industry, has acted in many films as a star comedian and has pleased the audience. Meanwhile, he appeared in a serious role in the latest movie Mamannan and entertained the audience. It can be said that not only the Tamil audience but also the Telugu audience were fed up with Vadivelu’s performance as a Dalit MLA. It is known that he is currently acting in the movie Chandramukhi 2. Now on the other hand popular romantic star Shakila making sensational comments about Vadivelu has become more interesting in Kollywood.

She has been away from movies till now and recently she is hosting a show called Cook with Komali and this show has brought her a good name. Later, Shakila interviewed some actors for her YouTube channel, and it is remarkable that there are well-known actors. In this sequence, Kollywood actress Prema Priya attended the interview and revealed about the injustice she had suffered.

She said Vadivelu doesn’t like me at all.. I lost many opportunities because of him. Initially, I used to work alongside people like Santhanam, Vivek, Vadivelu, but later he prevented me from getting opportunities. But I don’t know why they hold a grudge against me. Even after coming to the set, even if I say no, the makers would send me home, she said. Responding to this, Shakila asked, “Couldn’t you complain to me? There is no such problem between us.. but there is another problem.. She said that she had received threatening calls for saying this about Vadivelu, and everyone who heard this was wondering if Vadivelu was also like that.

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