Is Bhanupriya’s life dumbed down because of her?

By iittm Editor September 9, 2023 7:31 AM IST

No special introduction is needed about the popular star heroine Bhanupriya.. Beautiful momu.. Charadesi eyes according to that momu.. Youth who are ecstatic when seeing those eyes.. She impressed everyone with her beauty and got a name as a good heroine in Tollywood. Bhanupriya is mostly seen in movies directed by senior director Vamsi. After impressing everyone with her beauty in the movie Sitara, she acted with all Telugu star heroes. Bhanupriya is not only a heroine but also a great dancer.

Hand given in Bharatanatyam.. Even star heroes like Venkatesh and Chiranjeevi said that they could not dance with Bhanupriya, so we can understand how great a dancer she is. Meanwhile, director Vamsi and Bhanupriya also fell in love. They reached the point where they could not be apart from each other. Both wanted to get married. But Vamsi is already married and has children. But when Bhanupriya’s mother came to know about this, she stopped their love. Not only that, she also gave a warning to both of them. While telling Vamsi that you are already married and have children, you should focus on your career.. on the other hand, she tried to give wisdom to her daughter as well.

With this, Vamsi and Bhanupriya could not bear the separation and suffered a lot. And his career has also fallen into disrepair. After that Bhanupriya got married to NRI from America.. She could not bear his torture and got divorced and came to India. On the whole, it can be said that her mother has become a sworn enemy in Bhanupriya’s life. Bhanupriya’s life became dumb due to mother not giving proper guidance.

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