Indian 2: Impressive new look of Kamal Haasan..!

By iittm Editor August 16, 2023 12:20 PM IST

Indian 2: Kamal Haasan is also making a lot of efforts to get the much awaited Indian 2 movie ready for release soon. In this order, the makers have released a new poster from this film.. It must be said that Kamal Haasan’s new look impresses everyone. The shooting of this film, which was supposed to hit the theaters sometime, has been delayed due to various reasons. But now the shooting is going on fast. It seems that Tamil creative director S Shankar has now put all his focus on this film.

The sensation made by an Indian film that came almost 20 years ago is not all. And because of that, the expectations of the movie Indian 2 have also increased enormously. It must be said that no matter how many obstacles there are in the shooting of this movie, Shankar has gone to the task of completing this movie. On the one hand, he is going to direct the Pan India movie Game Changer with Ramcharan.. On the other hand, he is also going to direct this Indian 2 movie. It is reported that the film is planned to be released early next year.

Yesterday, on the occasion of Independence Day, a new poster from Indian Two was released and another look related to Kamal Haasan has also been released recently. In that poster, Kamal Haasan is wearing a khaki dress and wearing a tricolor flag badge on his shirt pocket. There is a poster that inspires patriotism, which is increasing the interest in the movie. And let’s see what kind of success this movie will get.

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