In that regard, Sunil is also folding the people there.. Such is the demand..!

By iittm Editor August 17, 2023 9:32 AM IST

Popular comedian Sunil needs no introduction. He entertained the audience with his acting, villainism and comedy and is still making progress in a series of films. Comedian Sunil is one of the very few actors who can make a bold entry in any role. Brahmanandam and Mms Narayana came to compete with them when they were ruling Tollywood and became star comedians. While working as a comedian, he became a hero with the movie Andala Ramudu, and then he made the movie Maryada Ramanna with Rajamouli and got a bumper hit.

The audience could not accept Sunil, who had a stamp as a comedian, as a hero. With that, Aravinda Sametha started his career again as a character artist. Now he is entertaining the audience by playing villain roles. His craze of acting without any conditions in the role has now spread to Tamil thambis as well. When Sunil appears on the silver screen, the people there make noise with whistles and balls. It must be said that Sunil’s performance in Rajinikanth’s movie Jailer was a hit with the batch there.

Moreover, Sunil is getting opportunities there and is also making people there to fold. It is heard in Kollywood that Sunil’s role will not be ordinary even in Mark Antony’s film which is about to be released by Vinayak Chavithi. Sunil also got a good role in Karthi Japan. Apart from this, he is playing a key role in two other movies, Eigai and Bullet. Sunil has gained huge popularity in Tamil movies.

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