If you want a chance, go to bed – Singer Pranavi..!

By iittm Editor September 7, 2023 12:42 PM IST

Generally everyone knows that there is a lot of casting couch in the film industry, but even though everyone knows about this matter, no one wants to talk about it openly. The reason? They hesitate to speak out even if they face the problem of casting couch due to the fear of losing opportunities. Even if some people are afraid that social media is good even with the advent of the Metoo movement, some others fearlessly talk about the problems they have faced in the industry.

Singer Pranavi is one of those people. It is known that many celebrities have also informed in the media conference that they have asked for commitments which means that the opportunities should come. Now Pranavi also made sensational comments about the casting couch. Recently, Pranavi shared an interview with her husband Raghu Master and revealed about the bitter experiences she faced in the beginning of her career. Pranavi said.. At the beginning of my career, a director told me that my voice was good.. and called me to sing a song in a movie.

But after meeting him, she told me that she wanted to get a chance to sing songs in the movie, that is, to spend one night with her. It made me very angry that the man asked me to stay with him if he wanted a chance like this. Pranavi said that if you say such words again, you will be cut off. Now Pranavi’s comments are becoming viral on social media.

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