If you know the value of Nagarjuna’s assets, you will be surprised..!

By iittm Editor August 30, 2023 9:04 AM IST

It must be said that many people probably know that Nagarjuna, who is known as the new Cupid in the Telugu film industry, is the head of billions. But very few people know how much his property is. Especially if most of the assets came from his father Swargiya Akkineni Nageswara Rao, naturally he also accumulated well. He continues to be one of the richest Indian stars. Nagarjuna, who is excelling as the head of billions, is on one hand a hero, on the other hand a producer, a brand ambassador, a host, a distributor, a studio head, and is also making huge gains in the field of real estate.

In other words, he owns multiple businesses, so his assets and earnings are surprising. Actually, his remuneration as a hero is very low but it can be said that he gets huge income through other means. Nagarjuna, who is currently taking less than Rs 10 crore for each film, is now taking less than Rs 20 crore for Bigg Boss season seven.

Produced by ANR 3 Studios. It includes Annapurna Studio, Annapurna Seven Acres and N Convention Center. In these, movie openings, shooting, post-production work and CC work are done. Also doing TV shows. He also runs a film school at Annapurna Studios. Providing world class technology standards. Through these, a profit of crores of rupees will be made. They are also running pubs and hotels. When it comes to cars, there are BMW seven series, Audi A7 series, Benz cars as well as Range Rover sports cars. There is also a jet. It is reported that Nagarjuna has assets of more than Rs.5 thousand crores.

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