If you know the price of the watch worn by NTR, you will be surprised..!

By iittm Editor August 24, 2023 9:21 AM IST

NTR, who became a global star with RRR directed by Rajamouli, needs no special introduction. NTR, who has become more busy announcing a series of films, recently participated in the wedding of his sister Suhasini’s son and became a special attraction in the wedding. And when the photos of NTR, Kalyan Ram and Mokshagna together at this wedding ceremony went viral, the watch on NTR’s hand in that photo has now become a hot topic.

This watch belongs to the company Patek Philippe.. It looks very ultra stylish. And its value is literally Rs. 2.45 crores.. Even the fans are surprised by its price. NTR has many such watches. It is known that the price of the watch worn by NTR has become a topic of discussion especially in the past. Fans are also commenting that NTR, who is paid in the range of crores for each film, is not exaggerating in wearing expensive watches. On the other hand, NTR, who has been keeping a close eye on himself due to his nephew’s marriage, has gone viral after Nettinta shared photos of himself with his elder brother Kalyan Ram and brother Mokshajna.

When it comes to NTR’s movies, currently Janhvi Kapoor is doing a movie called Devara under the direction of Koratala Siva. The posters that have already been released from this movie have impressed the audience. It is reported that this movie is going to be released in the month of April next year.

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